Week 7 – Create a Flash Intro Movie

Overview of the Semester Final Project – A Flash Website

We need to start working towards the final goal of creating an entire website using Flash. Flash is a very deep program so there will always be things to learn bit-by-bit along the way. We also need to learn about motion tweening and classic tweening because they will help make our Flash website more exciting by adding motion graphics.

Week 7 Assignment – Create a "Flash intro animation" as a precursor to our Flash website project.

Many Flash sites start with an introductory animation sequence that the user can skip if he or she has already seen it. Usually by clicking a button that loads the actual Flash website. In this assignment you will create a Flash intro animation that will then load the actual Flash website. Along the way, you will learn and utilize many Flash animation techniques and methods including:

  1. Motion Tweening
  2. Classic Tweening
  3. Motion Paths
  4. Easing
  5. 3d Rotation Tool
  6. Alpha Transparency
  7. and more… 

Remember – The Flash intro animation that you make in this assignment will lead into your Flash website which is the main project for the rest of the semester. So think about what kind of a website you are going to make. It could be a personal site, a business site, a fan site, a humor site, a portfolio site. If you have an idea of the site you are going to make then it will help in making the intro animation…

If possible try to use your own non-copyrighted images and graphics.

Click here to go to the Assignment: Create a Flash CS5 Intro Movie with Motion Graphics and Images Fading In & Out

Turning it in:
Due Date: End of Week 8

Send me your Flash file as an email attachment.

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