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Cisco CCNA 1 Introduction

The Cisco CCNA certification is the most well known computer networking certification in the industry. I recommend a Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching course of study. The Cisco Academy Curriculum in particular for anyone who wants to learn about computer networking. It is the best foundation for learning about network communication protocols, network addressing including IPv4 and IPv6, subnetting, routing, switching, VLANs and more!

I have taught the Cisco CCNA curriculum, as a Cisco Academy instructor for over 14 years. The Cisco Academy offers 4 courses that together map to the Cisco CCNA certification exam. The current exam is the 200-120 CCNA which has a stronger emphasis on IPv6. All of the students that sign up for a class through the college will be automatically enrolled in the Cisco Academy, and all Cisco Academy students will have access to online curriculum as well as the latest version of Packet Tracer. Packet Tracer is a program for creating simulated networked environments, complete with functioning routers, switches, and endpoint hosts.

Most of all, the Cisco Academy releases regular version updates to their CCNA Routing and Switching curriculum and the recently updated curriculum coincides with the new 200-125, CCNA Routing and Switching exam. The new curriculum covers new exam topics such as, IPv6, VTP, LLDP, eBGP, PPPoE, QoS, SNMPv3, NTP, DMVPN, SPAN, SDN, virtualization and Cloud computing.

CCNA 1 – Course Materials

As a Cisco Networking Academy student, all of the course materials are available through the Academy website learning management system. Including the complete text, the Packet Tracer network simulator, interactive activities, multiple choice exams, and plenty of labs with complete step-by-step instructions. If you prefer a paper copy of the text you can purchase it online from Cisco Press or Amazon. Make sure you order a current version of the text. Here is a link to the text
at Cisco Press and the ISBN number:

Introduction to Networks Companion Guide: Print ISBN: 978-1-58713-316-9, eBook: ISBN: 978-0-13347-544-9

Introduction to Networks | Cisco CCNA | Cisco Press

Class Availability

  • Where can I enroll in a class?
    I recommend looking for a Cisco Academy nearest you. That way, you take an in-person class, and get to work on physical equipment within the classroom environment. Finally, I teach the Cisco CCNA through Central Oregon Community College. The CCNA 1 class begins in the Fall quarter with CCNA2 and CCN3/4 following in the Winter and Spring respectively. Sign up for a class! You can even attend remotely online. Look for new student registration information at http://www.cocc.edu.
  • Where can I do my labs?.
    Some labs are done in class, some labs are done at home using Packet Tracer, and some labs are done by remotely by connecting to the CIS Department Netlab+ server.
  • I am an online student, and I can’t come to the lab?
    If you are an online student, I recommend that you login to Blackboard and attend class online using the Blackboard Collaborate video conference tool. The class is always available through video conference and each class is recorded for downloading or streaming at a later date.
  • How do I turn in assignments?
    Students take exams online through the Cisco Netacad website and learning management system. Labwork and homework is turned in through Blackboard or the Netacad website.
  • How are assignments graded?
    I grade on a point system. Every week you have the opportunity to
    earn points from chapter exams and chapter labs. At the end of the class there is a cumulative multiple choice final exam as well as a hands-on lab final.

Author: Dan

Dan teaches computer networking and security classes at Central Oregon Community College.

14 thoughts on “Welcome to CCNA 1”

  1. Do you have any new course material for CCNA yet? Can we use your old course for the new test? I will be attending a 1 week ccna bootcamp in May. I will be getting promoted to Network Admin soon so Im trying to kind of prepare for the class and learn some day to day task too like switching, wireless access points, etc.

    1. Hi Rob, yes all of my posts are still relevant and useful, though they can be improved. Most of the new content and topics are in CCNA3 and CCNA4 the ICND2 exam. Some topics are new/old like VTP which is back in. As you can see I have a post on VTP in CCNA3. Some topics have been removed from the CCNA, like Frame Relay, so you can skip studying that. I will be making new posts here on my website and also to YouTube over the next 10 to 20 weeks. I am just going to get the stuff out there and then clean it up later if I have to! Thanks Dan

      1. Thanks Dan. I’m taking the CCENT 1 in a few weeks. Which courses are geared towards CND1? ooo and I love your Youtube channel

        1. My CCNA1 and CCNA2 posts cover the ICND1 exam with the exception that you no longer need to learn OSPF for the ICND1 exam, just static routing and dynamic routing basics. I would still cover RIP in your studies.

  2. I have to say that I really appreciate your works.
    I didn’t take the course yet but I found in you the enthusiasm of a teacher.
    Always be good and be healthy, sir.

  3. Hi dan, i am glad to find your website. I am new to networking and i was lost where and what to read. exploring your website gave me a structure to read. Thankyou so much. any suggestions from you will be of great help for me.

  4. Hi Dan, just wanna say a big THANK YOU for all your effort to build this site and labs in PT. I did a lot of yours 2 weeks before my exams and I am sure it helped me in an enormous way. I passed 4.1 of 5 labs in my CCNA exam and that was because I run out of time… I did it with something more than 850 and I could do much more if I knew I was gonna have 5 labs and distribute my time differently. Thank you once more for your help!

  5. Hi Dan,
    I am from Brazil and my name is Arlindo Ferreira and 60 Years old.

    I am so glad to find you as Packet Tracer Teacher and I follow you every day on You Tube,I intend a training course to pass CCNA next year here Rio de Janeiro,Brazil.

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