Subnetting PT Network Challenge

Subnetting with Packet Tracer Overview

Packet Tracer is a great network simulation tool that is made available to Cisco Academy students. It is ideal for quickly testing networking concepts and learning. In this Packet Tracer Skills Assessment (.pka) you will need to subnet a network into 7 subnet address ranges, configure the network devices and hosts with those addresses, set up static and default routes, and set up HTTP and DNS services on a host server.

If you have Packet Tracer 5.3.3  you can download, extract, and run the zipped .pka file below. Read the built in instructions. When you have finished configuring the network you should be able to ping the server from the PC hosts as well as open the web page from host PC0 or PC1s simulated web browser.

In the activity you will need to create the following 7 subnets from the /22 network address range:

1st subnet 400 hosts,
2nd subnet 180 hosts,
3rd subnet 40 hosts,
4th subnet 18 hosts,
5th subnet WAN Point to Point (4 hosts),
6th subnet WAN Point to Point (4 hosts),
7th subnet WAN Point to Point (4 hosts),

Screenshot of configure_the_network.pka activity



Author: Dan

Dan teaches computer networking and security classes at Central Oregon Community College.

11 thoughts on “Subnetting PT Network Challenge”

  1. I am stumped from the beginning….I dont understand how to get the subnets if the magic number is 2….and I dont see how you get the mn=2.

    this is very frustrating!

      1. with /23 you have magic number 2 but you also have 9 zeroes in the binary or 512-2 usable host addresses.

        1. ok, so here is what I see so far:
          11111111.11111111.111111110.00000000 = 512 usable host
          255 255 254 0
          I am having a hard time with the actual subnetting
          is it:

          0-1 172.16.?

          this is where I am stuck….please help its driving me crazy!!!

  2. I get the host part, just not understanding how the ip address can get any usable host if the mn=2

    wouldnt it be 0-1, 2-3, etc….where are the usable host?

  3. 1-st /23 MNR :2
    2-nd /24
    3-rd /26 MNR:64
    4-th /27 MNR:32
    5-th /30 MNR:4
    6-th /30 MNR:4
    7-th /30 MNR:4

    AM I right?

      1. Asking for 4 hosts not 2, thus the masks are /29 for the last 3 items in my opinion.
        we are to subtract 2.
        They are serial links and only need 2 host address so /30 works but the verbiage states (4 hosts), right??

  4. hi dan
    are they right
    1— /23
    2— /24
    3— /26
    4— /27
    5— /30
    6— /30
    7— /30

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