Create a Flash CS5 Intro Movie with Motion Graphics and Images Fading In and Out

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{loadposition adposition5}Many Flash sites start with an introductory animated sequence designed to entice the user and show off multimedia content. Usually the user can opt to skip the intro if he or she has already seen it. Usually by clicking a button that loads the actual Flash website. In this assignment you will create a Flash intro animation that will then load the actual Flash website. Along the way, you will learn and utilize many Flash animation techniques and methods

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Step by Step Video Demonstration

Note: You will need to provide your own graphics, logo, photographs (jpg, png) to create an introduction to your own website.

In this video I start animating objects with Motion Tweening and the 3d Rotation Tool


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In this video I focus on controlling the frames and adding easing

In this video I use alpha transparency and a glow filter effect

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In this video I control the keyframes and add images that fade in and out

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