Week 3

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This week we will to continue to explore Actionscript basics like conditional statements, functions and event handlers, in order to add greater interactivity to our Flash movies. You will also get a chance to further explore your creativity and develop your skills in creating vector graphics and animation with the Flash tools and timeline.

{loadposition adposition5}You will want to visit these articles to watch the video tutorials on Actionscript basics:

Actionscript Basics – if statements 


Week 3 Assignment – Create a Flash Mr. Potato Head

In this assignment you will create an interactive Mr. Potato Head in Flash. Just like the actual Mr. Potato Head toy, your Flash Mr. Potato Head should be able to change: Hats, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Arms etc. At least one of the changeable body parts should be animated, for instance the eyes might blink. Please be as creative as possible with your ideas. I will understand if your computer graphics are not the quality of a graphic designer. You may even choose to use photographic images for your body parts (eg. your hats could be acquired from digital images or photographs).

Create a Flash Mr. Potato Head – Actionscript 2.0

Due date: End of week 4

Please post your Mr. Potato Head assignment, Flash document (.fla) file and Flash movie (.swf) into the Danscourses Forum under the appropriate topic. See if you can embed your Flash movie (.swf) in to the post so everyone can see it easily.



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