Switch & VLAN Packet Tracer Challenge

Switch & VLAN Packet Tracer Challenge Overview

A Packet Tracer graded activity. It covers basic Cisco CCNA switch configurations, VLANs, native VLAN, trunk ports, port-security, and setting up secure remote administration with SSH. Great practice for the the Cisco CCNA!


The Packet Tracer file is created with Packet Tracer 5.3.3. The Packet Tracer Activity file will track your progress and give you a completion percentage and point total. You can download it here: BasicConfig-VLAN-Trunk-PortSec-SSH-challenge.zip

Activity Instructions

Configure the Network according to the Topology Diagram and Labels.
When you are finished, the PCs on the Student VLAN should be able to ping each other and so should the PCs on the Faculty VLAN. The Admin PC should be able to SSH into S1 and S2 from the command prompt (Eg. PC>ssh -l admin

1. IP address (see topology),
2. subnet mask (see topology),
3. default gateway address (first usable address in network)

Cisco 2960 Switches: S1 & S2
1. name: S1, S2
2. enable password, md5 encrypted: class
3. domain name: danscourses.com
4. message of the day banner: Unauthorized access is prohibited!
5. console password: cisco
6. vty 0 15 password: cisco
7. Security RSA Key size: 1024
8. SSH version 2
9. vty: ssh only
10. VLAN 10: student
11. VLAN 20: faculty
12. VLAN 99: Mgt
13. Interface VLAN 99: S1-IP address, S2-IP address
14. Native VLAN 99
15. fa0/1 Trunk
16. fa0/2-0/13 access VLAN 10
17. fa0/14-0/24 access VLAN 20
18. Gi1/1 access VLAN 99
19. Encrypt all passwords
20. Save running-config to startup-config

Cisco 2960 Switch: S1 Only
1. Gi1/1 Switchport Port-Security, sticky, maximum 1 mac address, violation shutdown

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