Install Windows Server 2008


You need to install Windows Server 2008 so you can apply what you learn in a hands-on manner. You will install Server 2008 Enterprise Edition or R2 Edition.

Install Windows Server 2008

Install Windows Server 2008 in the Computer Networking Lab or at home so you can do hands-on projects and apply what you learn about Active Directory and Windows Server 2008.

You need to set up a Microsoft Imagine Account so you can have access to Windows Server. As a student with a .edu email address, you can create an account, get verified, and download Windows Server 2008 R2 as well as other developer applications.

  • 1) An account with the Microsoft Imagine
  • 2) A download link to download Windows Server 2008, and 
  • 3) Dont forget to write down the serial/license number for the operating system, when you see it in the pop-up browser window.


  1. login to your Imagine account (see your recent email) and
  2. Click on the link to the Operating System you need to download this will open a pop-up window
  3. The pop-up window will have the serial/key number (write it down) and a download button, click it when you are ready to download. It will take a long time to download (If you have slow internet I can always burn you a copy of mine).
  4. The download button will download a small executable installer file. Download it to your desktop and double click on it to run it. It will save to a recommended location. My download defaulted to C:\temp\ directory. When the download is finished (LONG TIME) there should be an .iso image file which you can then burn to a DVD as a bootable image file.
  5. To burn the disk use Nero, Roxio, or ImgBurn which is a free program to burn a bootable disc from an .iso image file. Look for a choice like Copy Disc or Create Image, not create a Data Disc.

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