Install File Services in Server 2008


Using Windows Server 2008 under the File Services role, you can install:

File Server – Allows you to share files and folders using the Share and Storage management Console
Distributed File System (DFS)  – Allows you to replicate copies of the shared folders on multiple servers under one namespace
File Services Resource Manager (FSRM) – Allows you to monitor the files and set quotas
Netowork File System (NFS) – Allows you to set up Samba shares to share files with Linux and Unix systems
Server 2003 File Services – Allows backwards compatibility

Installing File Services

  1. Go to the Server Manager > On the left column select Roles and in the main window area click on Add Roles
  2. In the Add Roles Wizard under Server Roles put a check in the checkbox under File Services
  3. Now under Files Services > Role Services select the services that you want to install under File Services. Select the following and click next:
    – File Server
    – Distributed File System, DFS Namespaces and DFS Replication
    – File Server Resource Manager
    – Services for Network File System (This is useful if you will have linux users on the network)
    – File Replication Service (if it is available)
  4. Under DFS Namespaces select “Create a namespace later using the DFS Management snap-in…” and click next
  5. Click next under Storage Monitoring
  6. In the Confirmation window click Install and Close

Video Tutorial

In this video I install File Services and set up a shared folder

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