Install Linux Mint 14.1


Linux Mint is a distribution of the Linux operating system that consists of both open source software and some proprietary commercially based software as well. Linux Mint has versions of its operating system that are based on both the Ubuntu Linux and the Debian Linux distributions.

Linux Mint version 1.0 was first released in 2006. In 2012, Linux Mint version 14, codename Nadia was released. Linux Mint is released with multiple versions that support different desktop environments by default. In the tutorial video below, I install Linux Mint 14.1, the Mate desktop environment that is based on the Gnome2 desktop environment.

You can find links to download the different versions of Linux Mint from their website at


Video Tutorials

In this tutorial, from within Windows 7, I install Linux Mint 14.1 in a VMware virtual machine

In this video, I install VMware Tools so I can use my Linux Mint virtual machine in full screen mode

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