Install Fedora 16


Fedora is a Linux based operating system freely distributed and supported by a community of volunteer programmers and developers known as the Fedora Project. The Fedora Project is sponsored by Red Hat Linux and was started when Red Hat stopped releasing the free, developers edition of Red Hat, releasing only the commercial version, Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Fedora is a popular Linux distribution right behind Linux Mint and Ubuntu and there are many derivative Linux distributions.

{loadposition adposition6}Fedora is characterized by the GNOME 3 desktop, the Yum update utility, and the RPM Package Manager.

Installing Fedora

The current version of Fedora is Fedora 16, nicknamed “Verne,” it is the 16th version of Fedora released in 9 years which highlights Fedora’s extremely quick release schedule. You can download Fedora for free at the Fedora website: .

In the video tutorial below, I install the Fedora 16 Desktop Edition – Installable Live Media in a VMware virtual machine on a Windows 7 laptop.



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