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The purpose of this class is to prepare you to install, configure and run Microsoft Exchange Server. This class maps to the 70-236 MCSE elective exam. Passing a Microsoft certification exam is a step towards becoming MCSA, MCSE, or the newest certification, MCITP certified. In this class you will be working with Windows Server 2008 R2 and Exchange Server 2010.

Class Materials and Software

The curriculum in this class maps to Microsoft’s Configuring Exchange Server 2007 (70-236) exam. The class materials are software based and include online interactive tutorials, videos, simulations and tests. You will need to purchase Testout’s “70-236 Configuring Exchange Server 2007” LabSim curriculum. You can purchase the software directly from TestOut at their website http://www.testout.com. Go to www.testout.com and click on Purchasing > Student Purchasing. Then enter the promotion code at the right hand side of the page and click apply. You should now see a page with a list of the TestOut products at the student discount price of approximately $89. You can get the promotional code from the Networking Lab at Sheridan College or email me and I will reply with the promotional code. The easiest way to purchase is online, directly through TestOut with a credit card. If you want to purchase through the bookstore, contact our college bookstore and tell them the title and the ISBN# and they can order it for you, but they will add their additional cost to the order. To get the ISBN# numbers on the TestOut website go to Purchasing > For non-college students, any student with a “.edu” email address can qualify for student pricing with TestOut directly.

Additional reading materials, tutorial videos, and all of the class assignments will be given on a weekly basis at this website. During the course I will be providing you with online video tutorials at http://youtube.com/danscourses . In addition, we will utilize the internet for a lot of our computer maintenance research.

In addition to doing LabSim simulated labs, you will be required to install and run Windows Server 2008 R2, Exchange Server 2010 and a Windows 7 client computer. I will be providing you with a Microsoft MSDN Alliance account enabling you to receive activation licenses and downloads files for Windows Server 2008 R2, Exchange Server 2010 and Windows 7.

  1. Install Server 2008, Exchange Server 2010 and Windows 7 in the Sheridan College networking lab
  2. Install Server 2008, Exchange Server 2010 and Windows 7 on computers in your personal home computers and network
  3. Install Server 2008, Exchange Server 2010 and Windows 7 as virtual machines on a personal laptop or desktop computer.
  4. I can also set up a remote VPN connection to the lab so an online student can remotely manage and configure a Windows 2008 R2 server, an Exchange Server 2010 and a Windows 7 client within the lab. This option is subject to the limitations of how many machines I have at my disposal.


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