Week 7 – Applications Part 2

Week 7 LabSim Assignment

Complete the rest of Section 4.0 in your LabSim Windows Client Pro course material, this week will focus on the following subsections:

  • 4.4 Application Virtualization,
  • 4.5 Windows Store Applications,

Make sure you watch all the lectures and demonstration videos too.

Week 7 Non-LabSim Assignment – Download and Run Windows XP Mode with Virtual PC in Windows 7

Windows XP Mode in Virtual PC – One issue that you may run up against if you decide to upgrade to Windows 7 is program compatibility. Windows 7 offers a "Compatibility Mode" feature that you can use to try and get your legacy software to run in Windows 7. In order to use compatibility mode, you right+click on the program and set that feature under the properties dialogue box. But, what if that doesn’t work? Well you can always try downloading and running Windows XP mode With Virtual PC. Windows XP mode and Virtual PC are both free downloads from Microsoft ( http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/download.aspx ). 

Note: For this lab you need to have a computer that will run hardware assisted virtualization.


  1. Download Windows XP Mode installer:  http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/download.aspx ). You may need Internet Explorer to download the program because it may prompt you to download and run a Windows Advantage Authentication program first. You will also need to choose which version of Windows 7 you are running. Save the Windows XP Mode installer to the desktop and wait to install it.
  2. Download Windows Virtual PC from the same Microsoft webpage. Save it to the Desktop and wait to install it
  3. Once you have finished downloading the programs you will need to install them. I would install Virtual PC and then Windows XP Mode. However, on my computer, I installed Windows XP Mode first and then Virtual PC and it seems to have worked just fine.
  4. Once you have the programs installed go to Start > All Programs > Windows Virtual PC — Windows XP Mode to run Windows XP Mode. On my first attempt to run the program, I got an error message stating that I needed to go into my BIOS and enable hardware virtualization first. Luckily my laptop supports hardware assisted virtualization so I was able to go into my BIOS (on my laptop press the F10 key on startup to get to BIOS) and enable virtualization.
  5. The first time you run Windows XP Mode you will need to go through a setup mode and create password credentials, etc., after which, you will have Windows XP running virtually in a separate window. You should treat your virtual XP operating system like a completely different operating system in that, it will need to run its own Microsoft updates, and have its own antivirus and antispyware programs installed.
  6. Now that you have Windows XP running in Virtual PC make sure to try out full screen mode and you will want to run a program that only runs in XP and not Windows 7. I am searching for one right now you should too.

Here is a good article on this topic: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/5460/ 

Turning it in:
Due date: End of Week 8

Post a screenshot of your Windows 7 computer running Windows XP Mode in a window. Show a legacy XP program running in the virtual XP OS. Post your screenshot to the XP Mode in Virtual PC Forum in the DansCourses.com Forum. If your laptop or desktop with Windows 7 on it will not run hardware assisted virtualization send me an email.


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