Week 5 – Keyframe Animation

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Flash is primarily an animation tool, so it is important to know how to animate your graphical objects and text. Flash offers a number of ways to animate an object and make it fly across the stage. You can manually control the animation by Keyframing and inserting all the keyframes and frames yourself, or you can have Flash help you animate, by first setting the keyframes and then having flash handle all of the in-between frames. This is called Motion Tweening or Classic Tweening. {loadposition adposition5}There are tons of visual characteristics that you can animate, you can make an object fade in or out, speed up or slow down, follow a curve, or rotate and spin. You can also move objects in 3d space, blend colors, and morph shapes. Even though Flash offers amazing new tools to animate with, good animation still requires precise timing, control, and pause.

Flash Animation Methods

  1. Keyframing – frame-by-frame animation, edit each keyframe one by one
  2. Classic Tween – Flash executed frame motion, spanning between two keyframes, involving symbols, and grouped objects
  3. Motion Tween –  Flash executed frame motion, spanning between two keyframes, also includes a motion path
  4. Shape Tween – Flash executed frame motion, spanning between two keyframes, involving shapes
  5. Scripted motion – Flash executed motion, defined by actionscript programming


Lynda.com Tutorials

  •  Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training

    The following tutorials will help you learn how to animate objects sprites and images with Flash
    Chapter 8 Creating Frame-by-Frame Animations
    Chapter 9 Creating Shape Tweens
    Chapter 10 Working with Motion Tweens and the Motion Editor

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Week 5 Assignment – Creating Keyframing Animations

Use the following examples and video tutorials to create animations by creating and editing multiple keyframes on the Flash timeline.

Due date: End of Week 6
The project is complete once you have sent me your .fla Flash editing files and .swf published flash movie files (please try and save your .fla file in the CS5 or older format)

Project 1: Keyframing a Cartoon Bomb

In this assignment you will use the timeline, keyframes, and Flash’s built-in vector drawing tools to create an animated cartoon bomb sequence. How will you do it? You will draw a cartoon bomb with a long fuse. Light the fuse with your vector paintbrush, and using keyframes have the fuse slowly expire until it goes off. What happens in the end? Add your own creative ending: flying text: "The end"? A cloud of smoke? A cartoon KA-BOOM? Confetti? A cartoon character appearing? It is whatever you can dream up, and it does not have to make sense.

Project 2: Keyframing a Bouncing Ball

A bouncing ball is a seemingly easy beginning animation project, yet it takes a lot of observation and skill to do it right! Using Keyframing, make a ball fall to the ground, bounce at least twice, and then roll and come to a stop. At the end of the roll make something fantastic happen. It is your choice for an ending. Some ideas for an ending might be: roll some credits, animate a "The End", make the ball morph into something else, it is up to your imagination.


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