Week 4

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Flash Mystery Game Overview

So far we have learned how to create Flash graphics, movieclip animations, and write some basic Actionscript for simple button and timeline interactivity; now we will put all of these things together, to create a mystery, find the hidden clues game.

Week 4 Assignment: Create a "Mystery Hunt & Click Game"

Due date: End of Week 6 – 10 points

Create a game where you travel through the game from a first person point of view, solving puzzles, finding clues and items, and choosing paths in order to reach the end and solve the mystery.

Game Requirements

Your game should contain the following elements:

  • an introduction screen and a Start Game button,
  • at least five different places in the game where the player has to click a button to choose a path,
  • at least two animated transitions (use classic tweens),
  • buttons that are either invisible, or are made out of graphics,
  • at least two puzzles to solve like a key to find, or a numerical combination that will open a lock, or a treasure map, etc..
  • a winning screen, and a losing screen,
  • and a Start Over button

Game Extra Credit

Here are some extra ideas that you can add to your game for extra credit:

  • Adding background theme music (not loud and annoying)
  • Adding sound effects

Here are some websites where you can get free sound FX and sound loops:

Game Examples

For ideas take a look at these online mystery hunt and click games:

Game Assignment Tutorials and Resources

To help you make your game, I created video tutorials. Watch the videos and create the project. Save your flash authoring file (ie. “.fla”) zip it, email it to me as an attachment, and post it to the dancourses.com forum.

Click here to go to "Mystery Hunt & Click Game – Actionscript 2.0 – For more information and video tutorials

Click here to go to Flash Animated Flickering Light Effect

Click here to go to "Mystery Hunt & Click Game, Part 2 – Actionscript 2.0 – For additional game features, and video tutorials.

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