Week 3 – Creating Flash Buttons

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This week we are going to learn to work with symbols. There are three types of symbols in Flash Movieclips, Buttons, and Graphics. Symbols are the meat and potatoes of Flash. The Nitty and the Gritty, the Starsky and the Hutch. Anyway, symbols especially Movieclips is what makes Flash such a powerful tool. There just isn’t any other web animation interactivity program that can compare. So we need to learn how to make symbols. With the button symbol you have complete creative control. The button can be a drawing, it can be text, an imported photograph (jpg), an animation, you name it. In the tutorials below, I turn the apple into a button and also I create a button from scratch. So I recommend watching all the video tutorials you can find, that will tell you about working with Movieclips, Buttons or Graphics.

Week 3 Assignment 1: Create your own Button Symbols

Create three or more buttons using your drawing tools. The buttons should be stylish and unique somehow. Watch my video tutorials below as well as the following tutorials at Lynda.com to learn more about creating buttons and movieclips:

Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training, with Todd Perkins at Lynda.com:

Section 14. Working with Button Symbols (all videos)
Section 15. Working with Movie Clips (all videos)

My Video Tutorials at my YouTube.com/DansCourses Channel:



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Turning it in:
Due date: End of Week 4

Your finished flash file should have three buttons on the stage. Your button should have an Up, Over, Down, and Hit State keyframes. Try to make at least one of your buttons function like other buttons you see on the web i.e. change color, offset, grow, dance etc. Your assignment is finished when you have sent me your Flash file with three buttons, as an atttachment to my dan.alberghetti@gmail.com email account.

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Video Tutorials from Flash CS3
These videos are done in CS3 but they are still pretty good and you can apply them to CS5 too!




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