Week 2 – Basic Tools

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Data Mining – Can be used as a form of reconnaissance when hackers gather data from websites or scan for open services and ip addresses in networks using basic Bash Shell commands, shell scripts and higher order scripting languages. This practice can help an attacker gather necessary information about a potential victim or organization. Useful information like host IP addresses, open services and ports can be quickly ordered and filtered, using Bash Shell scripting into stripped down useful lists and saved into text files, which can later be uploaded and used in attacks. 

Week 2 Assignment

  1. a) Using BackTrack, VPN (online) or connect (SDL) to the network security lab, using NMAP scan the network for open ip addresses, services and ports. Using basic Bash shell commands, filter the output from NMAP so that only responding ip addresses and open ports are listed in the results. Save your list of open IPs and ports by sending the output to a text file. b) Download a webpage using "wget" and filter the results to find all unique subdomains. Save your list of subdomains to a text file. c) Right a Bash shell script that will automate host or ping commands to a range of ip addresses to determine which computers are responding. Go here for detailed instructions and examples.


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