Week 14 – Mobile Computing

Week 14 LabSim Assignment

Complete Section 8.0 in your LabSim Windows Client Pro course material. Complete the following subsections:

  • 8.1 Network Access Protection (NAP),
  • 8.2 Virtual Private Network (VPN),
  • 8.3 DirectAccess,
  • 8.4 BitLocker,
  • 8.5 BitLocker To Go,
  • 8.6 Mobile Device Security,
  • 8.7 Power Management,
  • 8.8 Mobility Options,
  • 8.9 Mobile Networking

Week 14 Non-Labsim Assignment – Post a Windows 7 or 8 Tip, Tweak or Tool

Do some research on the web for cool "Windows 7 or WIndows 8 Tips Tweaks, Tricks or Tools." Post your favorite tip, tweak, tool or app to the DansCourses Forum under Windows 7 & 8 Tips Tweaks and Tools. Make sure you supply instructions, links, and a screenshot!

Turning it in:
Due date: End of week 15 The assignment is considered finished when you have posted to the danscourses.com Forum!


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