Week 11 and 12


Weeks 10 and 11 continue the development of the Robotron Game.

To create additional interest to the game,  I have added code to create a high score board that relies on an Apache webserver, PHP and MySQL. In order to troubleshoot this locally on your computer, you will need to download a variant of (AMP) Apache MySQL and PHP. I recommend Wampserver2 and Xampp as two options that are easy to download and easy to install.   

Week 10 – 11 Assignment – Continue the Robotron Game and add a High Score Board

Robotron AS 2.0 – Part 4 (High Score Board) ,

Robotron AS 2.0 – Part 5 ,

Robotron AS 2.0 – Part 6 

Due Date: End of week 13, send me your finished fla file (CS5 format), zipped in an email attachment.

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