Week 10 – Building a Flash Website – Part 1

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Last week we created an intro flash movie that is meant to play before your website loads. {loadposition adposition5}This week we will start working on the actual Flash website that loads after the introductory movie plays. In the tutorials below I demonstrate how I build a Flash CS5 website from the ground up. You will need to come up with your own graphics, image files and ideas for your site. Maybe you have a friend who needs a website for a small company or you can create a personal portfolio website as a online resume. Regardless it helps to have a direction even if it is a general idea to start from. 

Assignment Week 12 – Begin You Flash Website

This is an ongoing assignment/project you will turn your Flash website in at the end of the semester so save all your files. You will need to have all the files for your website organized in a centralized folder.

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Video Tutorials

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