Week 1 – Flash Web Design

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I have been using Flash since 1993. Flash has been my main love in computers. The thing I like to do the most is make Flash interactive animations, websites and games. Some of the most exciting, and dynamic sites on the web are done with Flash. {loadposition adposition5}Flash is the most versatile multimedia tool on the web; it is an amazing vector animation and graphics tool as well as having an extremely powerful object oriented scripting language for programmatic interactivity. Careful though, Flash can be addicting.

We will be learning how to work with Flash in this class and to do that we will be watching online video tutorials from lynda.com as well as videos made by me. We will also be working on weekly assignments and creative projects.

Class Materials

The content of this class is designed to help you learn Flash from a novice to an intermediate level. To allow you access to a wide range of learning material we are going to be using online materials consisting of video tutorials from http://Lynda.com. Lynda.com is the leader in creating easily accessible learning and training materials from top professionals in the field. As an educator, I have the ability to to create a course bundle of 5 Lynda titles which you will be able to purchase through Lynda.com using the invitation code I will be sending you in an email. The approximate cost will be under $40 and will give you access to the 5 titles for 16 weeks. Each of the titles I will be choosing, will offer you a different of approach to Flash and animation.

In additional to the Lynda tutorial videos, I write my own assignments and lessons and use my own video tutorials which are hosted online at http://youtube.com/danscourses 

Class Schedule and Policies:

{loadposition adposition6}This class is offered either as Self Directed Learning-SDL, or Online. SDL students are required to be in the Lab – GMB133, a minimum of 2.5 hours per week you will log your hours in the lab. Here are some questions you will want answered:

  • When can I come to the Lab?
    I am in the GMB133 class/lab over 30 hours per week, for my exact lab times click on Lab/Classroom Hours.
  • Can I work in the Lab when you are not there?
    Yes, if the door is open you are welcome to come in and work. If the door is locked try coming into the lab through GMB130 the Flex Lab. The Flex Lab opens Mon-Sat at 9am and is open late Tuesday until 9pm.
  • Can I work with Flash in the lab?.
    Yes, I the newer looking HP towers against the wall all have Flash installed on them.
  • What if I am an online student, and I can’t work with Flash in the lab?
    If you are an online student you will need to work with Flash on your home computer. In order to do this you can purchase Flash either directly from Adobe.com or through an educational discount reseller like http://creationengine.com or the http://academicsuperstore.com . As a college student you can get an amazing price on Flash. You will need to provide proof that you are a student by attaching your current class schedule and to an email and sending it to them. The general public also has the ability to try Flash for free for 30 days by downloading the 30 day trial from Adobe.com  
  • When should I come to class?
    As soon as you can you should stop by the Lab in GMB133 and introduce yourself. Remember SDL students are required to be working in the lab 2.5 hours per week. It is up to you to decide exactly what your schedule will be.
  • How can I assure that I will be successful?
    The students that show up regularly, week by week, both online by logging in to DansCourses and in person by coming to the lab are the ones that will be successful. To finish this class, I recommend you sit down and create a schedule of times that you will work on the class and its assignments.

  • Is there a syllabus?
    The syllabus outlines the course, please download it and save it for your records: To be posted shortly
  • How will I turn in assignments?
    All assignments will be turned in as email attachments to dan.alberghetti@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • How will I be graded?
    I grade on a point system. Every week you will have the opportunity to earn points by doing projects. This class is about project based learning. Each week you will be asked to complete a different task in Flash, by the end of the semester you will have built a website completely in Flash. The projects will come from my own experience, alternative sources and texts that I have worked with over the years, and the curriculum provided by Lynda.com. To earn full points on a project or assignment, you will need to follow my instructions and accomplish the task presented to you as well as add your own creative process and individuality. If you follow the instructions and apply yourself in a thoughtful manner I am sure you will receive full points! Ultimately your final grade is based on scale of total points earned to total points possible. 

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Week 1 Overview

This week you will need to purchase your Lynda.com class materials. To do this, you will need the course invitation code which I will email to you. the cost is going to be $36.00 and will give you access to 5 amazing titles for the length of the class. I the email address that you would like the invitation to be sent to; for some of you, that may be your sheridan.edu email account, for others hotmail, yahoo, or gmail accounts. Please let me know which email address you would like the invitation sent to. You can do this by stopping in the lab the first week or by emailing me at dan.alberghetti@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

If you are an online student you will need to secure a copy of Adobe Flash to work with at home (See above: What if I am an online student, and I can’t work with Flash in the lab?). At http://creationengine.com type the word "Flash" into the search box, press search and you will find the current version and price for Flash. Make sure you specify the Windows or Apple platforms. Currently, with a college student discount is $175 http://creationengine.com/html/p.lasso?p=18059 which is a fantastic price considering the list price is $699.

Week 1: Assignment 1 – Get your materials and introduce yourself

  1. Acquire Adobe Flash, or a 30 day trial version, or at least a place where you will be able to use it like my lab in GMB133 – Sheridan College!
  2. Purchase the Lynda.com Curriculum – Contact me in person or with your email address so I can send you the Lynda.com curriculum invitation to your preferred email account.
  3. Read Why Use Flash?
  4. Watch the introductory videos about Flash and the Flash interface at Lynda.com. With your purchased Lynda.com class bundle you will have access to five titles on Flash. Even before you purchase your access Lynda allows public access to some of the videos on every titles. Just go to the lynda.com website look up the title and see which videos are available for free. This week we will introduce ourselves to Flash watch the follwing videos:
    Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training with Todd Perkins. Watch the following tutorials:
       Introduction (all videos)
       1. Getting to know Flash (all videos)
    Creating a First Website with Flash Professional CS5 with Paul Trani. Watch the following tutorials:
       Introduction (all videos)
       1. Getting started (all videos)
  5. Create a user account for yourself at this website, verify your account through your email, login on this site and go to the Forum and post an introduction, telling us a little about yourself.

    Week 1: Assignment 2 – Create a Flash Banner Ad

    Click here to go to "Create a Banner Ad with Flash"

    Due Date: Due at the end of Week 2.
    Zip your Flash file and post it to the Forum
    under: Flash Banner Ad

    Please feel free to get creative with the assignment or use a different banner size orientation.

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