Run the Security Configuration Wizard


The security configuration wizard allows you to create a security policy on your server for shutting down ports and services that the server is not running, thus enhancing security. This is a good opportunity to test and document open ports on your server.  I recommend running a port scan with Nmap on your server both before and after applying a security policy created with the security configuration wizard.

Lab Assignment – Run the Security Configuration Wizard on your Exchange Server

Run the security configuration wizard on your server but be careful to either 1) save, but do not apply the configuration or, 2) if you would like to try applying the configuration, be aware that you have the option of reversing the configuration in the event that it closes too many ports and services and causes your server to stop working correctly. For instance if you are connected to your server through remote desktop it is very easy to accidentally close that service and port and disconnect yourself from the server. It is difficult to know all of the services that you will want to allow or disallow, therefore you will want to thoroughly review the wizard and be prepared to back out of the configuration.

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Dan teaches computer networking and security classes at Central Oregon Community College.

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