Robotron AS 2.0 – Part 6

Robotron Cont.

In part 28, I add increasing difficulty to the enemy movement and I add hit detection for the hero to die

In part 29, I write a function that removes the hero, deletes the onEnterFrame handlers,
and attaches a movieclip to the stage, to play an animated death sequence

In part 30, I write a function that resets the hero, attaching him to an empty place on the stage

In part 31, I add a movieclip and the code to present how many extra game lives are left for the player

In part 32, I add the code initiate a second game level, once the first level is accomplished

In part 33, I add game level text box, and a sound manager function for coding sounds into the game

In part 34,I troubleshoot the high score board and game over keyframe


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