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Power Supplies

Typically, servers need to be running constantly. For instance, web servers that host e-commerce web sites cannot afford to go down for an extended period of time or their customers will lose money. For this reason, most commercial servers have redundant power supplies, that way if one fails, the other power supply takes over and the server stays online. For our classroom server, we decided to save money and purchase just a single power supply. One thing that you need to check on before you purchase, is the number and type of power connectors coming off of the power supply. In our case, the motherboard required two eight-pin power connectors to power the two CPUs. The power supply on the left also came with a five year warranty.




Installing a Power Supply Video Demonstration

In part 2 of the lab demonstration, we install an Athena Power power supply into our new classroom virtualization server.

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Dan teaches computer networking and security classes at Central Oregon Community College.

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