Frame Relay

Frame Relay Overview

Frame Relay is a WAN protocol. A Frame Relay network is comprised of interconnected switches that make up a Frame Relay cloud. Frame Relay uses virtual circuits (PVC) to interconnect routers across the WAN.

Video Tutorials

In this series of tutorials I set up a network interconnected by Frame Relay. The first video is dedicated to setting up the network and labeling the devices and interfaces. In the second video I configure the devices and interfaces with the addressing scheme outlined in the first video. The third video is dedicated to configuring the Frame Relay cloud device which is a virtual representation of interconnected Frame Relay switches. This device is the typically the responsibility of the ISP. In the fourth video I configure the routers for Frame Relay static mappings. In the fifth and sixth videos I discuss the benefits of using subinterfaces with Frame Relay and reconfigure the network for Frame Relay subinterfaces.






Author: Dan

Dan teaches computer networking and security classes at Central Oregon Community College.

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