EIGRP Packet Tracer Lab Part 2

EIGRP LAB Part 2 – Overview

In the second part of this Packet Tracer EIGRP lab, I build off of the network created in the first 3 video tutorials. In video tutorial part 4: I expand the EIGRP network by adding an ISP router with a default route out of the network. I distribute that route with the “redistribute static” command and observe the learned EIGRP external route in the routing table.

In video tutorial part 5: I add another router to the EIGRP network to create a scenario to show EIGRP’s default summarizing behavior and the problems it can cause by creating summary routes to null0 interfaces bypassing the router’s IP classless behavior.

In video tutorial part 6: Using Packet Tracer’s simulation mode I test the network using PING to demonstrate EIGRP’s auto-summarizing behavior and the problems it causes by dropping packets to a summary route null0 interface instead of continuing to search the routing table for a default route. The problem is fixed with the no auto-summary command.

In video tutorial part 7: I change the bandwidth on two serial interfaces to demonstrate EIGRP’s ability to prioritize routes based on a route’s bandwidth. This allows me to demonstrate how EIGRP and DUAL can calculate successor and feasible successor routes when multiple routes are available. This time the “no auto-summary” command is used on all routers in the network in order to fix entries in the topology table.


You can download the Packet Tracer file to follow along with this second series of EIGRP video tutorials: basicEIGRPstep2.zip Note: You will need to have the Packet Tracer program installed on your computer for the downloadable file to work. Packet Tracer is free to all students enrolled in a Cisco Academy course. Feel free to contact me if you would like to enroll in a Cisco Academy CCNA course.

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