Drawing with Vector Graphics in Flash CS6

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In order to have games, you need to have graphics. If you cannot afford to hire an illustrator or cartoonist to create your game graphics, backgrounds and characters, then you are stuck creating your own. So you need to know the basics of working with the Flash vector drawing tools.

{loadposition adposition5}One of the nice things about Flash is that it has its own set of drawing tools for creating graphics. In this way, you do not have to create all of your graphics in programs like Illustrator or Photoshop and import them into Flash. Like Adobe Illustrator, the Flash drawing tools create vector graphics which have a distinctive graphical or posterized look. Vector graphics stand in contrast to raster bitmap graphics like JPEGS, which are created in programs like Adobe Photoshop. 

In the video tutorial that follows, I demonstrate the basics of how to use with the following Flash CS6 tools: the selection tool, oval tool, rectangle tool, pencil tool, brush tool, line tool, paint bucket, ink bottle, and free transform tool. I also discuss the difference between a stroke and fill in vector graphics.

Video Tutorial


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