Creating Articles in Joomla 1.5


This week we will learn how to use Joomla to present content on the web. We want to know how to create articles (web pages) in Joomla and fill them with text and images. Once we have created articles and added some content to them we will need to know how to present those articles on the website. Just creating the articles does not mean they will appear on the website. To control where and how the articles will appear we need to create "menu links" that will link to the articles in order to present them.

We can also organize and group our articles into hierarchical content areas. This also controls how articles are presented. In order to group the articles we create "sections" and "categories" for the articles to belong to. The hierarchy is articles belong to a category and a category belongs to a section. In the image below you can see an example hierarchy for articles in a CMS class like this one.


Video Tutorials

05 – Learn Joomla, Part 1

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08. Creating content using articles, categories, and sections in Joomla -part1
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Extra Learning

I was asked if I could show how to password protect web folders in the Apache web server. If you are running Wampserver, but do not want people to see your webpages without password access. The first thing you could do is simply put the site offline by activating that setting in the Wampserver2 system tray tool. If that is not adequate, you can also set some configurations in the Apache webserver that will password protect the web directory. I posted two videos on how to password protect the web directories in the Apache webserver. Click the links below to go to the videos:


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