Create a Flash Puppet with Movieclips

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For games to be fun, they usually need characters or protagonists. It is important to know how to create your own characters, also called sprites, by either using Flash’s built-in vector drawing tools or importing bitmap graphics into Flash and then turning them into movieclips.

{loadposition adposition5}You will also want to know how to use Flash’s timeline, keyframes, frames and motion tweening to animate your characters. All of this combined, gives you the ability to create compelling graphics for your games. The goal of this assignment is to learn to create an animated character using movieclips and keyframes on the timeline. Remember that every movieclip symbol or character in Flash, can have its own timeline, and therefore its own motion routines and subroutines.




Video Tutorial

In this tutorial, I convert basic shapes to movieclips and then I create a small animation using keyframes and frames.


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