Create a Flash Mr. Potato Head – Actionscript 2.0

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This tutorial will continue to introduce you to the basics of creating interactive Flash animations. The basic Flash scripting tools that you will learn, are the building blocks for future scripted Flash game development.

Mr. Potato Head is a popular child’s toy because of its interchangeable or interactive body parts. In this project, you will create a potato head movieclip, with separate movieclips for the body, eyes, nose, mouth, hat and shoes. You will also create Flash button symbols, that when pressed, will switch between multiple hats, noses, eyes and mouths.

I have created video tutorials that demonstrate how to execute this project. Watch the videos and create the project.

Video Tutorials 

• Potato Head 1

• Potato Head 2

• Potato Head 3

• Potato Head 4

• Potato Head 5

• Potato Head 6

• Potato Head 7

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