Mystery Hunt & Click Game – Actionscript 2.0

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Flash Mystery Hunt & Click Game

This type of Flash web game involves players having to navigate their way through a story, usually scene by scene, by hunting and clicking with the mouse, trying to uncover hidden clues. To create this type of game you first need a narrative structure or plot for your game and then most of the game development will involve creating graphics, animations, and sound effects. {loadposition adposition5}The scripting for the game will mostly involve creating interactivity through hidden buttons, drag and drop, and conditional logic that tracks which objects and clues were found. Additional game challenges can be added by scripting interactivity that involves solving riddles, puzzles, and evaluating clues to unlock additional game areas. 

In the tutorials below, I use Flash to show how to create simple narrative timeline based interactivity. This includes invisible buttons, event functions, jumping and starting and stopping the timeline playhead, creating simple movieclip animations, and creating game variables to track game states.


Video Tutorials

In this video, I show how to create an invisible button which activates a zoom-in and fade-to-black scene transition


The video tutorials below were done with an older version of Flash but can be easily modified to work with CS6. The


Create a Flash Mr. Potato Head – Actionscript 2.0

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This tutorial will continue to introduce you to the basics of creating interactive Flash animations. The basic Flash scripting tools that you will learn, are the building blocks for future scripted Flash game development.

Mr. Potato Head is a popular child’s toy because of its interchangeable or interactive body parts. In this project, you will create a potato head movieclip, with separate movieclips for the body, eyes, nose, mouth, hat and shoes. You will also create Flash button symbols, that when pressed, will switch between multiple hats, noses, eyes and mouths.

I have created video tutorials that demonstrate how to execute this project. Watch the videos and create the project.

Video Tutorials 

• Potato Head 1

• Potato Head 2

• Potato Head 3

• Potato Head 4

• Potato Head 5

• Potato Head 6

• Potato Head 7