Week 9 and 10


This week we will begin a real-time 2D action game. In this game you will create a hero character that will move up and down, side to side, and even diagonally. The hero will shoot lasers to destroy enemies. The game will advance in levels and there will be increasing difficulty and addition types of enemies to destroy. There will also be objects to pick up. I have modeled the game after one of my favorite childhood games, Robotron. 

Week 7 – 9 Assignment – Create a Robotron Game with Actionscript 2.0 

Due Date: End of week 11, send me your finished fla file (CS5 format), zipped in an email attachment.

This game will take three weeks to develop, so it should look pretty complete at the end. By the time you are finished the game should have the following features minimum:

  1. Start screen and start button,
  2. Instruction screen and button,
  3. Win and lose screens, with replay button,
  4. Score – A running score based on points,
  5. 3 heroes – You get three heroes per game with the possibility of bonus men.
  6. 4 levels – at least 4 levels to the game need to be complete
  7. High score board – with the ability to retrieve and add names and scores
  8. 4 enemy types – at least 4 types of enemies need to be complete
  9. and all of the game functionality necessary to make it playable. 

See my articles and video tutorials on creating the Robotron game using Flash and Actionscript 2.0:

Robotron AS 2.0 – Part 1 ,

Robotron AS 2.0 – Part 2 ,

Robotron AS 2.0 – Part 3 


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