Week 8 – Preloaders and Loading External FIles


Last week we created an intro animation that users will see before they get to our website. Now we need to make it work by adding these elements:

  1. a pre-loader at the beginning of the intro movie (we will look at a couple options)
  2. a button to skip the intro and go straight to the website
  3. the code to load the actual website once the intro movie is finished

Lynda.com – You can get even more information on how to do these important Flash techniques from the Lynda.com video tutorials that are available to you. I recommend watching the series by Paul Trani, "Creating a First Flash Website with Flash Professional CS5". It is a great series of videos for beginners and he covers all of the necessary pieces to get started with Flash CS5. 

Week 8 Assignment – Create a pre-loader to pre-load the intro movie and then pre-load the actual website homepage. Go here for my video tutorial on this assignment: Create a Preloader in Flash CS5 

Turning it in:
Due Date: End of Week9
You will need to zip your entire web site folder with all the files, and send it to me as an email attachment.


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