Week 7 and 8

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Asteroids Game Overview

Asteroids is a classic, from the golden era of computer games. I definitely remember dropping hundreds and hundreds of quarters playing Asteroids. It is challenging to play, different every time, and also plenty of fun. {loadposition adposition5}The concept is simple, you have a space ship that flies around based on three buttons, a clockwise and a counterclockwise rotation button, and a forward thrust. The goal is to shoot the asteroids which break apart into smaller and smaller pieces before disappearing from the screen. You also need to shoot the alien space ships, that show up periodically trying to shoot you. One of the memorable characteristics of the game was the wrap around screen action that allowed both the asteroids and the space ships, to fly off of one side of the screen to immediately return on the other side. The game progresses in levels with each level introducing more asteroids and therefore more difficulty.

Similar to the previous game, you will create this game in stages, adding more game capabilities and details as you go.

Week 7 and 8 Assignment – Create an Asteroids Game

Due Date: End of week 9,

Instructions: Please post your finished game to the Danscourses.com Forum and also send me your finished .fla file as an email attachment.

Your finished game is worth 15 points and will be graded on the following items:

  1. Start Screen – A Start screen with a Start button and an Instructions button (1 point),
  2. Instructions Screen – An Instructions screen with back button (1 point),
  3. Game Over Screen – A Game Over screen, with replay button (1 point),
  4. Scoreboard – A running score based on points (1 point),
  5. Game Lives – You start with three lives but can gain lives too (1 point),
  6. Game Graphics – The creativity and quality of the game graphics (2 points),
  7. Game Code – Based the complete body of working code (4 points),
  8. Game Action – Does the game play cleanly (1 point),
  9. Game Sound – Game sound effects and theme music (2 points),
  10. Game Extras?? – What will you add to the game?  (1 point, with up to 3 points for extra credit)

To create your asteroid game you will work through stages of Flash and Actionscript game development. For each of these stages, I have prepared an article with information and video tutorials to help guide you through the process. Click the links below to work through the game stages in linear order:


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