Week 5 and 6

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Catching Game Overview

This week we will begin a basic catching game. A catching game might be a simple game where objects are falling down and it is your job to move a catcher character and catch important objects, while avoiding other objects. {loadposition adposition5}Difficulty can be created by speeding up the objects, mandating a certain number of successful catches, avoiding falling traps, etc. The game might also be altered so that the catcher also becomes a shooter.

Week 5 & 6 Assignment – Create a Flash Catching Game

Due Date: End of week 7,

Instructions: Please post your finished game to the Danscourses.com Forum and also send me your finished .fla file as an email attachment.

Your finished game will be graded on the following items:

  1. Start Screen – A Start screen with a Start button and an Instructions button (1 point),
  2. Instructions Screen – An Instructions screen with back button (1 point),
  3. Game Over Screen – A Game Over screen, with replay button (1 point),
  4. Scoreboard – A running score based on points (1 point),
  5. 3 Lives – You get three lives or tries before losing (1 point).
  6. Game Theme – Catching game theme, idea, and graphics (2 points)
  7. Game Code – Catching game actionscript code (3 points)  
  8. Game Sound – Catching game sound effects (extra credit)

To create your catching game you will work through 4 stages of Flash and Actionscript game development: stage 1) the catcher, stage 2) the falling objects, stage 3) collision detection, and stage 4) game screens and lives. For each of these stages, I have prepared an article with information and video tutorials to help guide you through the process. Click the links below to work through the game stages in linear order:

Here is a great example of a completely finished catching game by Colin:


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  1. Hi, thank you for posting your great tutorials, you truly are a wonderful teacher. I found your Flash catching game on youtube and was going to try it for myself. Are the source files still available and what types of changes can be expected as I’m using AS3 vs AS2? Thanks again, Josh

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