Week 2

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This week we will to continue to learn how to create Flash game assets, mainly Flash movieclips and Flash buttons. We want to be able to create game graphics and game animations which can be accessed by or loaded into our Flash games. {loadposition adposition5}We will also begin to learn some Actionscript basics to create some interactivity in our Flash projects.

You will want to visit these articles and watch the video tutorials on Actionscript basics:

Actionscript Basics – The Actions Window 

Actionscript Basics – Comments & Tracing Output

Actionscript Basics – Variables 

Actionscript Basics – Operators 

Week 2 Assignment – Create an interactive flash spaceship with movieclips and buttons

Create a spaceship movieclip with 3 different states stopped, thrusting, and shields. In this assignment, you will create a simple cartoon spaceship and convert it to a Flash movieclip. You will create three simple Flash buttons and you will write the Actionscript code to toggle the spaceship from stopped, to thrusting, to shields. I have created video tutorials that will walk you through the project. Watch the videos and create the project. If you want to create a car, hero or alternate character or sprite please feel free to do so.

A Flash Spaceship with Movieclips and Buttons – Actionscript 2

Due date: End of week 3
Please post your Flash Spaceship Sprite assignment, Flash document (.fla) file and Flash movie (.swf) into the Danscourses Forum under the appropriate topic. See if you can embed your Flash movie (.swf) in to the post so everyone can see it easily.

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