Week 16 – Update, Backup, and Recovery

Week 16 LabSim Assignment

Complete section 10.0 in your LabSim Windows Client Pro course material. Complete the following subsections:

  • 10.1 System Updates
  • 10.2 Update Deployment and Management
  • 10.3 System Backup
  • 10.4 Windows 7 Data Recovery,
  • 10.5 Windows 8 Data Recovery,
  • 10.6 System Recovery

Week 16 Non-LabSim Assignment – Change the Default Logon Screen in Windows 7

This is something fun and easy to do. Inspired by Wade’s computer in the lab. See my video tutorial on how to do it…

Turning it in:
Due date:
End of Week 16 post a JPG screenshot or digital photograph (low res) of your logon screen to the DansCourses Forum.



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