Week 13 – A Magazine Cover


This week you are going to incorporate what we have learned about photo-montage with graphic design; this means you are going to work with text. You are going to design and execute a magazine cover out of your own photographs and imagination. To start with, I would like you to carefully observe and read the following images and articles taken from the book Design Literacy by Heller and Pomeroy.

from “Design Literacy” by Heller and Pomeroy


All of the above posters, advertisements and magazine covers represent a creative interplay of image and text. This relationship of image to text is often quite conceptual or “smart.” Notice how the finger/hand knocks the letters out of the frame in the Colors “Aids” issue or how the letter O’s in the go out ad become image as retro tires with sidewalls, or how the text displaces the image of the face.The most conceptual play on image and text is in the last poster.

student work samples


Lynda Tutorials you need to watch:

Deke McClelland – Photoshop CS2 Channels & Masks
Note: Even though this title is not one of your paid class titles anyone can watch the videos in the first two chapters

  • 2. How Masks Work (I recommend watching the whole chapter)
    Viewing a mask as a translucent overlay (must see!)
    Modifying a mask (must see!)
    Combining masks (must see!)
    The lossless translation (must see!)

Week 12 Assignment – Create a Magazine Cover or Poster

Using the above examples as your guide you are going to create a magazine cover or poster that integrates text and image in a creative and conceptual way. The interaction between text and the image should reinforce the message of the magazine or poster. Look at the advertisements above as examples of text and image interplay. Watch the video tutorials of Deke McClelland Photoshop CS2 Channels and Masks, the last 4 tutorials in Section 2: How Masks Work will help you in accomplishing the assignment.

For your magazine cover or poster I would like you to consider using at least two or three different fonts or varying sizes. Remember that the image and the text should interact in an interesting and conceptual way that reinforces the content of the magazine/article.

Turning it in:
Due date: End of Week 15
The assignment is complete when you have posted your finished magazine cover image as a JPG to Picasa and a link to it in the DansCourses Forum

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