Week 12 – Manipulating and Deploying WIMs

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{loadposition adposition5}Last week’s assignment included the following:

  1. create a USB WindowsPE boot drive with ImageX.exe included on it;
  2. generalize a Windows 7 system using SysPrep;
  3. capture an image using ImageX creating a WIM file;
  4. deploy that wim file to a computer using ImageX;

This week we will finish studying about Windows images (WIMs) and how we can manipulate, deploy and use them.


Week 12 LabSim Assignment

Complete the second part of Section 7.0 in your LabSim Windows Client Pro course material, this week will focus on the following subsections:

  • 7.4 Manual Image Deployment,
  • 7.5 Image Servicing,
  • 7.6 Domain Image Deployment

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Week 12 Non-LabSim Assignment – Mounting a Backup WIM Image Using Windows AIK

You can follow step by step instructions by clicking here: Mounting a Backup WIM Image Using Windows AIK

Turn it in:
Due date: End of week 13

Send me a screenshot showing proof of your mounted image in an email attachment.

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