Create a Virtual Router Firewall with Endian UTM

Virtual Router/Firewall with Endian UTM – Overview

The Endian UTM firewall/router is a custom security distribution of Linux created by Endian releases a free, community edition of their Endian UTM (unified threat management system) which can be implemented on a home network or small office environment. The community edition of Endian is also a great way to learn about network security.

Go to their website at and download the .iso image file of the community edition distribution. You can now install the Endian UTM community edition on home computer hardware. I recommend using a computer with two Ethernet network interfaces, or you could install it in a virtual machine which gives you a dedicated security device to practice with virtually.

Unified threat management systems or advanced Firewalls have many security tools to play with. It is important to know how to configure port forwarding, static routing, NAT, VPN, Web proxy filtering, DHCP and more. In this lab, you will use Virtualbox and Endian Firewall to create a virtual network firewall and router device that you can use to run network simulation tests.

Install Endian Firewall in Virtualbox – Video Tutorial

In this video I use Virtualbox to install Endian Firewall (EFW) in a virtual machine

EFW initial installation configuration

Configure internal and bridged network interfaces for the virtual firewall

Configure DHCP services on the virtual router for virtual clients to connect to