Video Tutorials on Subnetting

The following ten video tutorials represent my most recent series on Cisco CCNA IPv4 subnetting. My personal feeling is that the only way to learn subnetting is to understand how it is working in binary. Subnetting makes sense if you try to understand it from the perspective of the binary number system. You can definitely tell how important I feel this topic is in order to do well, and pass your Cisco CCNA exam. Out of this series of videos, the last three seem to be the most popular. I hope these videos help your learning on the topic of subnetting.

In the videos I cover classful and non-classful network masks, the binary process of ANDing, class A, class B, and Class C subnetting, and typical IPv4 subnetting questions you may see on a multiple choice exam.

Author: Dan

Dan teaches computer networking and security classes at Central Oregon Community College.

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