Photoshop Website Banner Logo Project

Photoshop Website Banner Logo Project Overview

In this project you to create a banner logo for a website using Photoshop. Watch my video tutorials on how to approach the project and create a logo/banner image for the web. Control image size, layers, transparency and effects to create a web banner.

Project Guidelines

  1. Size = 368 x 80 pixels
  2. Background Color = #333333 – R:51 G:51 B:51
  3. The logo must blend or incorporate into the Gray background color
  4. The logo must have text = “DansCourses” or “”
  5. Text must be large enough to be readable and must visually work with Verdana which is used on most of the site
  6. The logo must have 3 or more separate images on separate layers
  7. The logo must reflect the subject matter of the site, “Computers”
  8. The Images you use must either not be copyrighted images or they must be altered enough by you that the copyright no longer applies
  9. In the end, you need at least one adjustment layer, one style/effects layer, one layer mask, one text layer, and three separate image layers.

You want to save your project two ways: 1) Do a File > Save As > choose file format “.PSD” – Photoshop Document, this will save your working file and all your layers; 2) Do a File > Save As > Change the file format to “.JPG” to save the jpg version for the web. Once you have saved your image send it to me as an email attachment.

Photoshop Video Tutorials

Some of the tutorials below are from a previous version of this same assignment. I included them because I believe they are still relevant and good to learn from. I hope you agree!

Preparing your web banner logo project

Tutorials from a previous version of this project

Previous Tutorial – Part 2

Previous Tutorial – Part 3

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