Photoshop & Flash Animated Flickering Light Effect

Flash & Photoshop Animated Effect Overview

In this series of video tutorials, I demonstrate how to create a flickering light effect in a Flash movie. The idea is to create a mysterious dark atmospheric room where the light pulsates and comes to life. For this project, I tired to imitate flash techniques seen in many popular movie websites, and hunt and click mystery web games.

I created my sample project using a Canon EOS Rebel and a tripod to capture the images. I had to shoot the digital photographs in manual user mode, holding the shutter open for 1 to 4 seconds to get the desired lighting effects for the dark and light images. I did not use flash photography. Then I imported the photographs into Adobe Photoshop CS6 for aligning in layers, editing, and filtering. Each image layer was saved as a jpeg image and imported into Adobe Flash Professional CS6 for animating and final editing.

Here is the final finished sample project:

Video Tutorials

In part 1, I show the finished Flash project and discuss the process of using the tripod, and the camera, to capture the images and import them into Photoshop on separate layers.

In part 2, I show how to convert the images to black and white, adjust the darkness and contrast using levels, and add grain and texture to the images.

In part 3, I save the separate image layers as jpegs, import them into Flash, and then create the finished timeline animation.

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