Named ACLs


A named access list can be either a standard or extended access list, with the only difference being that it is identified by name rather than by number. The IOS command for starting a named access list is slightly different than a numbered access list, in that the command starts with ip access-list rather than just access-list, see below:

router#configure terminal
router(config)#ip access-list <standard | extended> <name>
router(config-std-nacl)#<permit | deny> <source host or network> <wildcard> <destination host or network> <wildcard>
router(config-ext-nacl)#<permit | deny> <protocol> <source host or network> <wildcard> <destination host or network> <wildcard> <operator> <port>

Video Tutorial

 In this tutorial, I write a named access list (extended) and apply it to the router to permit traffic to a web server on port 80

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Dan teaches computer networking and security classes at Central Oregon Community College.

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