Installing Active Directory and DNS Services


Last week’s assignment was to download and burn Windows Server 2008 R2 from either your MSDN Alliance account or by creating an account at Microsoft Dreamspark. Then you installed Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition in the Lab or on a computer at home (Note: Server 2008 requires a computer capable of 64bit).

Now that you have your server installed, this week you are going to install Active Directory Domain Services and DNS Services on your server. Active Directory is Windows Server. With Active Directory you have complete control over users and computers on your network. You can create users and groups, create OUs (organizational units), delegate permissions, allow computers on your network …you name it. First off you need to learn about Organizational Units

Install Active Directory and DNS Services

Now that you have a computer running Windows Server 2008 why not make it a domain controller?To do this you need to install Active Directory Domain Services and DNS Services. Your assignment is to install Active Directory and DNS Services on your server and promote your server to a Domain Controller. To help you do this watch my video below.

Turning it in:
The assignment is not considered complete until you post a screenshot of your “Active Directory Users and Computers” window on top of your desktop to the Forum. In the
“Active Directory Users and Computers” window expand the Active directory tab so we can see your server domain name. Please save your screenshot as a JPEG image file and post it to the Forum under the appropriate topic.



 Windows Server 2008 New Installation Tips

  • it is WAY locked down which can be annoying … read on,
  • It is also missing a lot of the things that a desktop OS benefits from,
  • like drivers written for older onboard sound and video (This may help: under Administrative Tools go to your Server Manager then click Change System Properties  click Hardware and then Device Installation Settings and change it to “Yes” (I finally found some drivers on the Dell website that work in compatibility mode! My fault for installing the server on older non server-ish hardware)
  • like a web browser that lets you actually browse the web (See my, “How to disable Enhance Security Configuration” instructions below)
  • and also a media player . . . (For this open your Server Manager and under Features click on Add Features then check Desktop Experience + add required features + Next + Install)

How to disable “Enhanced Security Configuration” for Internet Explorer
Start > Administrative Tools > Server Manager
Under the Security Information section click on Configure IE ESC, it is one of the blue links on the right. Click the off radio button for administrators and restart your browser. That thing drives me crazy.

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