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In order to develop a Joomla or WordPress web site on your local computer, you will need to install the following services: a webserver (Apache), a database server (MySQL server), and the PHP scripting language. There are a few popular programs out there that package together the Apache webserver, the MySQL server, PHP and PHPmyAdmin into one easy installer with a handy user interface and control panel in order to easily start and stop all of the services. My favorite AMP tools (Apache, MySQL, PHP) are WAMPserver2 and XAMPP. If you are runnning Apple OSX than search Google for a MAMP distribution.

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WAMP Video Tutorials

In this series of video tutorials, I cover the basics of downloading of installing and running WAMPserver2.

Installing and Managing WampServer2 – Part1 New!


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Installing and Managing WampServer2 – Part2 New!

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Managing the Apache www web directory

How to Install Wampserver part 1 (older version):

How to Install Wampserver part 2 (older version):

Apache MySQL Extra Learning

 In this video, I show you how to secure your WampServer by adding a root password to the MySQL server

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