Famous Photographers – Elliott Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt is one of my favorite photographers, because he really knows how to have fun with photography. As a photographer he is very reactive. He has his camera ready at all times, so that when something amazing appears he is ready to capture it. Like Henri Cartier Bresson, he believes in the perfect moment and readying oneself to frame and capture that moment when it offers itself. His images are often hilarious and a little irreverent. He has done journalistic photography, fashion photography, art photography, and also images with lots of humor. Most of his images are shot in black and white film. Please make it a point to visit his website: http://www.elliotterwitt.com. I created a short video tutorial discussing his work:

This is a very interesting interview with Elliott Erwitt. Listen to his take on manipulation with digital photography. His interview brings to mind very important questions about the nature of photography and art in general. Your assignment is to watch the video interview with Elliott Erwitt, read my question below and answer it by posting a comment at the bottom of this page (you have to be logged in to comment).

  1. What do you think about Elliott Erwitt’s comment about Photography’s claim to present something that’s real. Does digital manipulation ruin photography’s place as a window to reality? Can we believe in photographs anymore?


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