EIGRP Packet Tracer Lab

EIGRP Lab – Overview

In the series of video tutorials below, I walk through the process of configuring a network to work with the EIGRP routing protocol. In the first video, I subnet the network into six subnets of various sizes; in the second video, I wire the network and configure the router’s network interfaces with IP addresses; in the third video, EIGRP is configured on all of the routers and the learned EIGRP routes are verified in the routing tables.


Download the Packet Tracer file to follow along with the EIGRP video tutorials below: basic-EIGRP-beginning.zip Note: You will need to have the Packet Tracer program installed on your computer for the downloadable file to work. Packet Tracer is free to all students enrolled in a Cisco Academy course. Feel free to contact me if you would like to enroll in a Cisco Academy CCNA course.

Video Tutorials

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