Create a send connector to send outside mail


You have an Exchange email server that can send mail to and from mailboxes within your domain or organization, but can you send mail outside of the domain, for example: to a gmail or yahoo email account? The answers right now is no. By default in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or 2010 mail is restricted to within the domain only. In this assignment, you will configure a send connector on the Hub Transport Server in order to relay mail to outside of the domain.

In the following example mail is successfully sent outside of the domain because of the send connector which is created and because the domain name is publicly registered with a registrar and the DNS and MX records are successfully resolving to the mail server. In order for mail to be sent outside of the domain on your mail server you will need to have your domain name publicly registered and resolving. If the domain you configured with your mail server is only functioning locally on your own LAN then this lab is still valuable as a learning process for configuring send connectors and email clients.

Video Tutorials and Demonstration

This video is mostly a review of some of the working configurations on the 2010 Exchange Server

This video covers how to create a send connector on Exchange Server 2010 in order to send email outside of the domain

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