Basic Switch Configuration and Port Security

Switch Security Overview

In the video tutorials below, I show how to use Packet Tracer to build a small LAN with a Cisco 2960 Switch, three PC clients, and two PC servers, one of the servers is placed on a separate VLAN for management purposes. Excellent review and study for the Cisco CCNA exam. The networking tasks that are accomplished in the videos are:

• Changing the management VLAN on the switch,
• Configuring the switch with an IP address,
• Configuring the switchports as access ports and assigning them to VLANs,
• Remotely connecting to the switch with telnet,
• Configuring passwords for console and virtual terminal ports,
• Configure privileged user mode with an md5 encrypted password,
• Configuring the hostname on the switch,
• Testing LAN connections with the Ping utility,
• Backing up the switch configuration file and IOS image file to a TFTP server using the copy command,
• Using the show mac-address-table command,
• Configuring switchport port-security and sticky mac address

Video Tutorials

Author: Dan

Dan teaches computer networking and security classes at Central Oregon Community College.

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