Animate a Character with Blinking Eyes in Flash

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Flash is a great tool to create vector based animated characters. You can use Flash’s built in vector drawing tools to create rough cartoon characters or really advanced graphics like in the example to the left. Notice how all of the characters lines are shapes with varying widths and tapered dagger ends. Notice how the colors of the face have three tiers from light to shadow. The animator has taken care to make sure the blinks are not happening too often. 

What about animation? Since Flash movieclips have their own timelines they are perfect for creating blinking eyes that will blink on a loop every few seconds. In this assignment you will learn how to do it!

Video Tutorials – Animating Blinking Eyes

In these videos I create a blinking character in Flash. It is a good exercise because many of the basic aspects of animating in Flash are covered: movieclips, timelines, nested movieclips, nested timelines, keyframe animation, looping an animation and controlling timing. 


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